The Marzipan-Speicher at the Holstentor

...obliged to tradition!

Directly at Lübeck's world-famous attraction is the Marzipan store at the Holsten Gate.
The marzipan department is filled with Lübeck's specialty number 1. Here you can find our well-known marzipan specialties, Lübeck marzipan, marzipan honey, marzipan curd, Königsberg marzipan, coffee specialties from our own roasting, Lübeck Rotspon-wine etc. etc..
The souvenir department is constantly being expanded with Lübeck souvenirs, so everyone should find something to take home.
Our Italian ice cream parlor offers original Italian ice cream straight from Parma. An exquisite refreshment with a special Italian taste. Here you can either enjoy an ice cream cone in hand or one of the many ice cream cup creations with a view of the beautiful Lübeck Holstentor. Of course, a coffee, cappuccino, espresso or latte macchiato from our warehouse in Lübeck should not be missing. ... or / and the original Lübeck marzipan cake.
Fresh cake every day!