Lübeck and the Marzipan-Speicher

...obliged to tradition!


Take your time for a short holiday at the "4 Marzipan-Speicher" in the town of Lübeck, where many surprises are waiting for you. Travel back to the 19th century with us, the era of the Buddenbrooks. Inside the historical building from 1871, one can find the "Marzipanland". Here you are able to tast free samples of Lübecker and Königsberger Marzipan, which are of the highest quality and of course you may purchase your low priced favourites. 

Enjoy the amazing atmosphere at our unique "Marzipan-Speicher-Café", where everyone has the chance to spoil their mouth and soul with delicious culinary art.

Afterwards, you can take these positive imressions to the world´s only

"Marzipan Show" and our free "Marzipan Museum" with extraordinary exhibits.

°We wish you a lot of fun and enjoy your time with us!


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